What is PPC and how can it help me?

PPC advertising offers businesses a chance to buy their way to the top of the search engines and be seen in display ads on industry relevant partner websites. It serves as a complement to your organic SEO strategy and it should go without saying that if you can prove a direct ROI, you will likely invest more back into the strategy.

Depending on the value of a conversion for your business, PPC campaigns can be a quick and effective method to start sending traffic to your website today.

Upper Limits Digital offers expert PPC management and consulting services that exceed the average click through rate time after time. True to our Upper Limits Difference, we maintain consistent attention to our client’s campaigns and are constantly improving click through and conversion rates in order to return the highest ROI for the lowest cost.

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There’s no such thing as autopilot when it comes to PPC Management.

It’s important to us to constantly improve your PPC campaigns. If you’re making money, well, so are we. In order to monitor and ensure that this happens, we have eyes on the campaigns often. Vigilance + expertise = your best shot.

Our Process

Research 25%
Set Up & Creatives 50%
Observe & Improve 75%
Tracking & Results 100%

Types of PPC

Google Search Ads

Advertise to your  customer when they search for your products & services. This is the most common type of PPC ads.

Google Display Ads

Get in front of your likely target using text, image, or dynamic media ads on industry or interest partner websites.

Google Shopping Ads

Do you have an inventory of products? Use Google shopping ads to get your products in front of the customer.


Target your website visitors again and again by positioning ads on other websites that they visit. Basically, follow your customer and stay in their sphere of awareness.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising allows businesses to target their audience based on demographic, behavioral and interest data for a variety of objectives.

Bing Search Ads

Google may occupy a vast percentage of the search market share, but why let any traffic slip away? Bing can be an underused tool to drive even more conversions.